Your Documents Pack will include:

  1. Motivation / Cover letter. It will be made according to your personal employment potential and capacity.
  2. New Zealand CV.
  3. Diploma
  4. Other additional documents. A part of them:

           – Work Permit/ Visa Application form (filled out)

         –  Medical Card and GP Visit Card Application Form (filled out)

         – APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL PUBLIC SERVICE NUMBER (National identification Number/National Insurance Number) (filled out)



B.   Self-Employed Status (New Zealand Union Work Permit): Full Application Package NZ$ 259

 Your Documents Pack will include:

  1. Self-Employment Working Visa Application form (already filled with your data) 
  2. Self-Employment Application form (already filled ) 
  3. Self-Employment Business Plan (already filled ) 
  4. Self-Employment Work Permit Application form (already filled ) 
  5. N.I.E. Application form (Spain / New Zealand Union – already filled )
  6. TAX Office & Social Security Number Registration Forms (already filled ) 
  7. Cover letters to the relevant institutions
  8. CV (already filled with your data) for the New Zealand Union (New Zealand CV)
  9. Other additional documents
  10. Procedure Map

C.  Courier service payment through the Ascender Services (A part of Employment Application Document Services ) NZ$ 129

So, take your high class documents and speed up! Success will come soon!

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